Choosing a Business Tax Resolution Professional

The assistance of a qualified business tax resolution professional can be a valuable tool in attempting to resolve any type of tax issue. However, selecting a reputable tax professional can be a difficult task in itself. It is important to verify any and all credentials before hiring someone to help. Many individuals and companies who advertise business tax resolution services are actually marketing agents and salespeople with no professional qualifications. Tax law is intricate and the policies and procedures of the IRS can be so complicated that it takes an individual who is both knowledgeable and experienced to successfully negotiate a business tax resolution agreement.

 Some things to look for:

  • Select a well established individual or firm, one that is likely to still be around to answer questions after the return has been filed.
  • Select an individual or firm with a verifiable physical address.
  • Search the Internet to make sure there are no registered complaints regarding the professional under consideration.
  • Check out accessible references, reviews, and ratings from the local Better Business Bureau.
  • Choose a professional who specializes in business tax resolution issues. Such individuals will be the most familiar with all of the tax resolution options available and will have experience in negotiating business tax resolution contracts with the IRS.
  • Select a business tax resolution professional with a verifiable licensing history. Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and Attorneys are the only individuals who can represent taxpayers before the IRS in matters other than returns they have actually prepared.
  • Select a business tax resolution professional who is affiliated with a professional organization. Such organizations hold their members to a code of ethics and provide opportunities for continuing education.

 Some things to avoid:

  • Avoid business tax resolution professionals who make extravagant promises about the percentage of tax debt they can eliminate.
  • Avoid business tax resolution professionals who base their fees on a percentage of the amount of the settlement they obtain.
  • Avoid business tax resolution professionals who have no verifiable licensure or physical address.
  • Avoid business tax resolution professionals who are unwilling to sign the returns and agreements they prepare.
  • Avoid business tax resolution professionals who have negative reviews, a history of registered complaints or low ratings with the local Better Business Bureau.

Many taxpayers delay the resolution of their back tax issues and contact a tax professional only after making numerous attempts to resolve a tax debt on their own. These attempts are often unsuccessful because the IRS is made up of many unconnected departments with specific functions, making the system difficult for an inexperienced individual to navigate. In addition, while IRS employees are generally very knowledgeable, it is their job to collect taxes rather than to act as an advocate for the delinquent taxpayer. A tax settlement professional will be experienced at negotiating with the IRS and will know how to communicate with them effectively on the client’s behalf.

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