Business Tax Relief

The Business Tax Relief Division of has extensive experience helping clients resolve a variety of tax debt issues. Because the professionals at have a thorough understanding of tax law, they know how to effectively use available deductions and government tax breaks to reduce their client’s tax liabilities. In addition, these experienced professionals are skilled at communicating with the IRS and have an established track record of successfully negotiating tax settlement agreements for their clients as well as providing them with other tax relief options.

With the current state of the economy what it is, many businesses have tax liabilities they are unable to pay. Very often, these tax debts are the result of diverting available financial resources to fund business operations rather than to make tax payments. While business owners may rationalize that they will resolve their tax debt sometime in the future when the business is more profitable, this is usually not a wise decision. The best way for any business to deal with an outstanding tax liability is to clear it up as quickly as possible. This route avoids the inevitable increase in the amount of the debt due to the compounding of interest and the addition of penalties. In addition, it avoids placing the business at risk of receiving a harsh collection penalty from the IRS.

Business tax relief may include one or more of the following tax relief measures:

  • Filing amended returns
  • Settling through an offer in compromise
  • Applying for a penalty waiver
  • Negotiating an installment agreement
  • Documenting non-collectible status
  • Preparing an audit defense

No matter what tax debt issue a business faces, the experienced tax professionals at can help to resolve it in a timely and effective manner. The goal of the professionals at is to provide each client with the tax relief they are seeking by providing the best tax relief option available for their specific business structure and financial situation.

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