Important Tips for Keeping Tax and Business Records Safe

How to Keep Your Business and Tax Records SafeTo keep a business organized and running smoothly, it is critical to keep important documents secure and to have a backup plan.  This blog will provide you with simple, yet important, tips to keeping your business and tax records safe. Well planned business preparation is key!

  • When in Doubt….Scan.  Businesses have so much paperwork that it may seem endless.  However, scanning and digitally archiving documents makes them easy to store and easily accessible. They also serve as great documentation for tax purposes. In addition to saving on storage space, digitally archived files can serve as a great backup for many purposes. Make sure such files are labeled properly and easy to find.
  • You will need a Backup Plan (for your Backup Plan)!  When you scan and digitally archive documents, keep the original records safe as well. An off -site place for storage may be work to cover all bases.
  • Make sure your computers have the proper virus protection software and that it is properly working. This step is very important! The most carefully thought out plan and back-up system is worthless if your computer is not up to date and running perfectly. It is best for your business to have a tech person on hand for your computer and other technological needs.
  •  Properly train all of your employees. This step is a critical. Your employees need to know your system for filing, scanning and shredding documents such as bank statements and other important tax and financial records. It is important that your staff is clued in on your system so that everything runs smoothly and all documents are properly cared for.
  •  Hire professionals for important business services. There are some areas in your business where you should have an accredited professional at your disposal. Such hands-on resources as an attorney, an accountant, a reliable tax preparer and a reliable payroll source are good foundations for keeping a successful business safe.

Due to the complexity of tax law, especially as it applies to businesses, the best approach to handling any business tax issue is often to enlist the help of a qualified business tax services firm. For more information about our full range of tax and business accounting services, visit us today at  Contact us by phone at (866) 676-9417 or by email at to receive a free, no obligation consultation.