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Are Business Taxes Too High?

Posted on: September 30, 2014

Are Business Taxes Too High? Are Business Taxes Too High? The debate continues between those who think that the United States corporate tax rate is too high and those who think that it is in line with the average corporate tax rate for other countries. Although it is unlikely that a major tax reform bill will be introduced before the November elections, many believe that one is on the horizon soon after that. Many business leaders and politicians believe that lowering the corporate tax rate is necessary in order to make the United States more attractive to business. Others oppose … Click to Read More

Small Business Tax Update!

Posted on: April 4, 2014

Small Business Tax Update -Now that your corporate tax return or your corporate tax extension has been filed, it is as good a time as any to begin making changes that will save your business tax dollars and make tax record keeping a little easier. The following points highlight some small business tax issues that you may want to consider as you move your business forward. The Obvious Have an organized accounting system that includes entering all business expenses in a systematic and timely manner. Along these same lines, keep personal and business expenses separate. Never overlap the use of … Click to Read More

Some Business Tax Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: March 6, 2014

Some Business Tax Mistakes to Avoid Some Business Tax Mistakes to Avoid – Since the sum total of the taxes paid by a business is such a major expense, the saving of tax dollars can be one of the most important contributing factors to business success and profitability. With the corporate tax deadline fast approaching, this article is focused on giving business owners a heads up on some common tax mistakes to avoid. One common business tax error is to incorrectly classify workers as independent contractors when they should be classified as employees. Unfortunately, selecting the correct classification can be … Click to Read More

Tax Time: Choosing Right Business Entity is Crucial for a Small Business Owner

Posted on: February 6, 2014

Choosing the right business entity is one of the most important decisions a small business owner has to make. While many factors must be taken into account in making this choice, the tax implications of the various business structures are probably the most important consideration. Each business entity is subject to different tax rates, tax liabilities and tax reporting procedures, making entity selection the one of the most important elements of effective tax planning. Because the tax code for business is not only complex but constantly changing, the entity selection process may require the help of a competent tax professional. … Click to Read More